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    Central Greece

    2 Bed & breakfasts in Central Greece

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    Museum of Cycladic Art

    A beautiful building displaying artefacts from the Cycladic islands.The exhibition is spread over four floors of, each on a different theme.

    The new Acropolis museum in Athens is incredible even if you're not a museum fan. Modern, easy to walk around and an unbeatable view to the hill of Acropolis monument. Very reasonably priced tickets.

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    DaVinci Artisan Gelato-Quality Chocolate

    Really good gelato with 50 unique flavours. It not only has ice cream but also very good coffee and products such as chocolates and honey.

    Very warm and inviting atmosphere. The service is welcoming and friendly. Food is delicious and affordable.

    Tucked away up a side street , in a really cool building. You take winding stairs to a lovely contemporary dining room. The food is amazing. I recommend the 100 euro tasting menu.

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    Explore Filopappos Hill

    Located Southwest of the Acropolis, this is a wonderful park in the middle of Athens. Lots of walks with great views and ancient sites to explore.

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