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    17 Bed & breakfasts in Delhi

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    Mahatma Gandhi's Tomb

    A visit to this man of Truth's resting place is worth it. Deeply meaningful and a very common attraction of Indian Tourists. Highly recommend.

    Travelling Around New Dehli

    The BEST way to see this city is to find yourself a willing driver, agree a price for a couple of hours and look!

    This is a truly mind blowing Sikh Temple. You can feel the peace and calmness of the place as you wander around barefoot. It's an easy walk from the Patel Chowk metro station.

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    This is a top-notch restaurant, providing excellent Indian food in lovely surroundings. The thali (tasting platter) has every scrumptious south Indian delicacy a chef can put on your plate.

    The location at the roof top of Maurya ITC is one of a kind in Delhi. The food and service are 5 star, even by international standards. There is a tasting menu as well as a la carte.

    This is the best restaurant in the complex. Elegant and delicate food cooked with passion and quality. Perfect staff, attentive but not pushy, as is the case with many places in Delhi.

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    Dehli Belly!

    DO NOT eat mangoes at the side of the road however delicious and amazing they look. I live to tell this tale (just)!!

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