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    Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

    Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions and a must-see for any visitor to the Shannon region. The Castle is the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland, while the Folk Park is a living outdoor museum featuring over 30 buildings and a beautiful walled garden in a stunning recreation of 19th Century Ireland that covers 26 acres. You can also visit for the celebrated nightly medieval banquets.

    Running twice nightly year round, this is a sumptuous four course banquet at the castle with authentic-ish medieval dishes (including mead, but also coffee and tea for those who choose to round off in a more 'modern' manner) and also a half hour traditional Irish music show and after hours attendance to the castle and folk museum.

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    Founded in 1620 and right under Bunratty Castle, this is both undeniably a landmark Irish pub, and a place that caters mostly to tourists. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it means the service is professional and the menu broad and accessible.

    A good range of pub and traditional Irish fare, located right next to Bunratty Castle. Popular with locals as well as tourists.

    The Restaurant Association of Ireland's 'Best Restaurant' in Clare' - enough said! Set in an 18th century thatched roof country cottage, Gallagher’s is a seafood restaurant offering the finest local catches - including lobster and oysters, as well as 'landlubbers' choices.

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    A great central base for Western Ireland

    Main attractions and destinations of Western Ireland including Galway, Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and the lakes of Killarney are all within an easy day trip of Bunratty, making it a perfect base for visiting the area.

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