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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Doolin

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    Really good tour and a very informative guide. This will not disappoint!

    The North Clare Sea Kayaking Tour Company

    An amazing journey in the caves on the Irish coastline in kayaks. Great guides and good equipment I would definitely recommend this!

    Great tour and brilliant views! The guide is particularly excellent with some humorous stories. Only 5 Euros and worth it!

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    StoneCutters Kitchen

    StoneCutters is located in a historic stone cottage on the coast just out of Doolin and is a true family restaurant in the best sense of the term. There is a special children's menu as well as toys and even an outdoor play area. The 'grown-ups' menu is a perfect balance of traditional Irish comfort food and slightly more adventurous choices, so that there is something fo everyone. Outdoor seating for sunny days and excellent value for money.

    A quaint rural style cafe with a small but well-thought out menu that should have something for everyone's taste. All meals are available as a half-portion if you're not that hungry or can't choose between a couple of options!

    Great traditional pub grub, great traditional music sessions nightly in the summer and perfectly poured pints of Guinness. All in one of Doolin's notable historic buildings.

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    The traditional Irish music capital of the world

    Doolin is widely regarded as the world's epicenter of traditional Irish music. There are three pubs in the village (McGann’s,O’Connors and McDermott’s) that have nightly live music all year round from both local and visiting performers.