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    County Dublin

    11 Bed & breakfasts in County Dublin

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    Trinity College Library

    One of the most amazing old libraries in all of Europe - it really is like something from Harry Potter! It is also home to the famous illuminated manuscript the Book of Kells, which is on permanent display. Guided tours by students are available and well worth doing.

    This place is Huge. There are rows upon rows of headstones. Some are shiny and new and others are falling down. It's a great walk through.

    Croke Park Stadium is Ireland's largest and most iconic sporting arena. To be guided around and see every aspect of what goes into getting 82,321 people in and out of what is also Europe's third largest stadium is quite amazing.

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    The Vintage Kitchen

    The atmosphere is fun, the music is great- you can bring your own for the waiters to put on, and the food is delicious. The menu is varied enough to appeal to all. Exceptional service.

    Award-winning fine-dining set in a charming Georgian townhouse - with it's very own kitchen garden! Fresh, creative cuisine with excellent recommendations in wine pairings.

    Seriously high quality food. Michelin standard food in a very informal atmosphere. High standard of service. Excellent, very knowledgeable and very nice wait staff. Love the open kitchen.

    A small 5 star restaurant with only 7 tables, so it's very intimate. I went with a friend who had booked months earlier. It's amazing. I recommend the tasting menu. Easy to spend 4+ hours sampling this divine food.

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    Visit National Botanic Gardens

    This is a beautiful place just outside the city centre of Dublin. It has lovely sculptures located around the grounds and you can often see squirrels running about the grounds. A nice escape without spending any money.

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