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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Kenmare

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    Over 60 acres of garden full of rare and exotic plants and mature woodlands, as well as native wildlife including Sika deer, Irish hares, red squirrels and otters. There are also incredible views to be had of Kilmakilloge Harbour and the Caha Mountains. There are a variety of walks around the garden, each taking half an hour to an hour.

    This privately owned 200-year-old cottage and farm are in Releigh, a village about 10 mins drive from Kenmare. The farm and cottage were once owned and worked by the widow Molly Gallivan, who supported her seven children through not just farming but running a Sibheen, or old Irish speakeasy. They are now a living museum to her life as well other aspects of the area's history. There is a cafe and gift shop onsite.

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    The Strawberry Field

    Hidden away in a beautiful rural location about 15 minutes drive out of Kenmare, the Strawberry Field is a delightful cafe specializing in delectable pancakes - with a wide variety of both savoury and sweet toppings. Plenty of vegetarian options, and gluten-free alternatives are available on request.

    Award-winning restaurant with an emphasis on freshly prepared seasonal, local, organic, and wild food, including the restaurant's own hand-reared pork. A good range of dishes, although nothing too adventerous and an equally good range of wines and local craft beers to match.

    A cosy, comfortable restaurant in a cute little historic building. The food is sublime - deceptively simple yet bursting with flavour and often with an inspired, unexpected twist.

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    A town as payment

    The modern town of Kenmare was laid out by the English surveyor, Sir William Petty in 1670. He had been given the area by Oliver Cromwell as part of his payment for the job of mapping Ireland.