6 Bed & breakfasts in Killarney

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    Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms

    The very epicenter of Killarney national park (it was the gift of this house and grounds that led to the parks creation), Muckross House is also an attraction in it's own right. In addition to touring the elegant rooms and exploring the beautiful garden, there is both traditional farms and a craft center onsite, where you can see how it was all done in the good old days.

    This 26,000 acre park was the first national park created in Ireland and it's unique ecological features are of international importance - including Ireland's largest remaining area of native woodlands and only habitat of native red deer. The park also includes many historic buildings, including Ross Castle, Killarney House and Muckross House. With it's combination of mountains, lakes, woodlands, waterfalls and historic structures and gardens, Killarney National Park has spectacular scenery for every taste, and there are many options for how to explore it - either independently or guided.

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    Exactly as the name says! Deli, café and brasserie in one, specializing in tasty food made with fresh local artisan ingredients. And if you're settling in for one of their delicious full meals, you can even select a bottle of wine from the deli section to accompany it!

    Treyvauds do a fantastic take on both international and traditional Irish favourites. A decent wine selection and friendly, attentive service. Again, this is not the cheapest place to dine in Killarney, but you certainly get what you pay for.

    Located in a beautiful historic building, West End House offers excitingly innovative contemporary cuisine that is also satisfyingly tasty. And the service is exemplary. It is quite pricy, but certainly worth it, and early bird specials are available.

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    Attractive old-style shops

    There is great shopping in Killarney, and the shops are particularly lovely looking as there is a ban on the usual tacky plastic shop signs, so they are decorated with old fashioned hand-painted signs and colourful window boxes.