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    6 Bed & breakfasts in Kilkenny

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    Castlecomer Discovery Park

    Great for families and people looks for a scenic walk way around the forest paths and lakes. They also have shops, a cafe and tree top climb for the more adventurous.

    Excellent experience. The staff are very knowledge and informative. It's wonderful to see the painting and furniture preserved in the castle. There is fee to enter the castle but well worth it to help preserve this wonderful piece of history.

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    Blaa Blaa Blaa Sandwiches

    This tiny little sandwich bar on the banks of the river is great. The ladies that run it are so friendly and efficient and make the best sandwiches to order. Their coffee to go is also great.

    The dining room is big with an open kitchen. The food is out of this world, you can see why this chef (Gareth Byrne) received his Michelin star. Also amazing service.

    A relaxing restaurant with great food, excellent service , and charming staff to brighten up your day. I went there on my own and is was perfect for a solo visitor.

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    Visit St. John the Evangelist Church

    This is a great free few hours. Truly awesome architecture. The grounds are well kept we you're welcome to look around at leisure. Beautiful statues and paintings inside.

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