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    9 Bed & breakfasts in Emilia-Romagna

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    Museo per la Memoria di Ustica

    The Bologna Gallery of Modern Art, with its five exhibition venues has over 3.500 items of modern and contemporary art. It's one of the most important museums in Italy.

    Seven churches in the centre of a wonderful city. It's nice to explore the churches and savour the different types of architecture.

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    Osteria Satyricon

    Just great homemade food made by a great chef. Service is outstanding. quite a drive from downtown Bologna but worth every minute.

    I Carracci is located in the Hotel Majestic. The surroundings in keeping with the rest of the hotel and are 5 star. The food and service are out of this world.

    I was recommended this place and thank goodness. I would have never have found this place since it's in the middle of nowhere. The food is super delicious and also very cheap.

    Great selection of wines. The food is fresh, simple and delicious. The place is small, has less than 10 tables, but is really cosy and inexpensive.

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    Check out the roman ruins under Biblioteca Salaborsa

    Old Roman roads are underneath this library. The roman roads and ruins can be viewed through the glass floor or you can go down stairs and walk through them on an elevated path.

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