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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Cagliari

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    Island of San Pietro

    I had a lovely day trip to Isola di San Pietro. I drove to Portvesme from Cagliari and left the car there and hopped on the ferry across to Carloforte. Ferry ride took around 40mins.

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    Tandoori Cagliari

    The food is amazing, their is a viewing window into a very clean kitchen. It's mostly takeaway and if you dine in you eat off plastic plates.

    This is a good wine bar with typical Sardinian products. Lot of nice wines to taste and really good ham and cheeses.

    Amazing choice of delicious homemade food. eat-in or take-away. Cheap prices and fresh ingredients.

    Definitely a great restaurant experience The service is outstanding, very charming and helpful and the food even better. The portions are very generous. Recommended to make a reservation as it heaves.

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    Visit Marina Piccola

    This lovely wee marina is worth finding. The village has some cool cafes which play live music at night.

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