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    22 Bed & breakfasts in Sicily

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    Monastero dei Benedettini

    I thoroughly suggest taking a guided our around here, the monastery is beautiful, and our guide was very knowledgeable. We even got to go into some parts that were not open to public access. It's interesting to see and learn about the changes that had to be made during an earthquake and when lava flowed through during an eruption nearby.

    Catania Astrophysical Observatory

    Though not really a tourist place, we thought it would be interesting to take a close-up view of the sky in the northern hemisphere. The staff were very accommodating when we called, and eventually communicated a time that we could come and have a short tour and look through the telescope. We took a friend along for translation purposes and had a blast looking through the telescope at stars, planets and satellites.

    This is an awesome museum of art and cars. A Ferrari GTO? Yes please! Amongst the cars there are also motorcycles and vintage speed boats. The museum section is very informative and interesting, and the art is beautiful... though I had to be dragged away from the cars.

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    Tenuta del Gelso

    A beautiful winery and restaurant. Ariana taught us all about their wine making process and we took a walk though the orange orchard. We sat at a window and looked out onto the vine yards while we ate. Our lunch was delicious, especially the sweet, juicy oranges we got to taste.

    Gisira Pizza and Drinks

    Mmmm pizza and beer after a long (but great) day. After looking around, I chose the volcano pizza - a calzone in the shape of a volcano. Don't forget to make room for dessert, especially the chocolate fondant. What we couldn't finish of our pizzas the staff put in a box for us to take away. The atmosphere is lively but relaxed, especially sitting outside in the street.

    Not really "typical Italian" but delicious nonetheless! Though I love my pasta, it was a nice break. The place is in a mall/shopping centre so it was good to have a quick meal while looking around. The burgers are fresh and tasty - nothing like any other fast food burger joints.

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    In the shadow of a mountain

    Catania lies under Mt Etna and has experienced a number of devistating lava flows and earthquakes because of it. However, the entire old part if town was rebuilt in a beautiful Baroque style... with lava!