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    Museo di San Marco

    We spent quite a while wandering through here - the atmosphere and architecture were absolutely stunning. The works by Fra Angelico we just awe inspiring. The museum used to be a convent and church and it was interesting to see the 43 monk's cells, the small area they called home.

    Though a long walk, surrounded by other tourists, it's worth it for the spectacular view we got at the top. We later found out you can easily take the #12 bus from the train station to the top, but the walk made the view even better.

    Totally different from anything else in Florence, we were told about this by a local that had been there the day before. What a fun experience! The objective is to find and decipher clues to escape a room... and it wasn't that simple! We were locked in with an Italian couple, so it was an extra challenge trying to understand each other, but that was all part of the fun. We couldn't manage to escape in the hour we were given but gave it a good go.

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    I' Pizzacchiere Restaurant

    Real Italian pizza.... mmmm! This is a family owned restaurant favourited by tourists and locals, so we knew it would be good, so god in fact that we went back two more times! The napoli and marinara were great, and our two pizzas plus two beers only cost 26 euro.

    Marco Ottaviano Gelato Gourmet Restaurant

    There are lots of gelato places in Florence, but this was the best we found. It's very popular, and a good price. Try the coconut and pistachio or even the plain chocolate is divine.

    Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina Restaurant

    Even though we paid $40+ each, it was well worth it to sit across from the Pitti Palace and have our meal. The staff were especially good at recommending matching wines and we were very happy with their suggestions and service.

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    Easy access

    Getting to and from the airport can be a hassle if there is a lot of traffic - and there often is! The best way is to take the train from the airport into the city or vice versa.

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