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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Gozo

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    Heart of Gozo - Il-Hagar

    This little museum is is full of beautiful religious artefacts which have been decorating the great Basalica of St. George through out the years.

    This is a lovely place to visit. The wies are seriously good and the winemaker is so passionate about the story behind the wines. This was a real treat! There are local delicacies there to munch on too and they are all delicious. This is a must!

    This is a very beautiful Basilica dedicated to St. George. It has a rich interior all in marble and decorated in Gold. Host to works of art that shape the history of art in Gozo.

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    Beppe's Restaurant

    Beppe's restaurant is absolutely amazing. The food is delicious and staff always make you feel welcome. Definitely the best on the island of Gozo.

    This restaurant specialises in delicious Piedmontese dishes prepared with the freshest of ingredients. The Italian owner is very friendly and well-informed yet discrete. The food is outstanding.

    A really cosy place on the main street. Only a few tables but fantastic food, especially the burgers and licensed.

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    Swimming in the Sea

    In Malta the sea is warm into the Autumn months. It is possible to swim in the sea right up to the end of October.

    Go and play at Xlendi Beach, Cliff and Caves

    Xlendi Bay is absolutely stunning. Walk beyond the tower at the head of the bay, It's an extraordinary landscape and the cliff top walks are beautiful.

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