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    Mexico City

    1 Bed & breakfast in Mexico City

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    Wonderful museum of 19th century life. Excellent views of the city from the top. The gardens are as amazing as the building.

    Amazing architecture filled with sacred artifacts - essential visit in Mexico City. Famous objects such as The Aztec Calendar are on display. It's an absolute must.

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    Everything here works. It is a beautiful room, backed by impressive service and fantastic food and drink. Try any of the original cocktails as your enjoy some freshly baked breads and look over the impressive menu.

    This building dates back to 1863, with Spanish architecture, high ceilings, glass works, paintings and more. The building alone is well worth seeing. Great food and service. The prices are good for such a beautiful place.

    Great staff and menu. If you are an adventurous eater like me you will not be disappointed with their delicious beef tongue, duck, and grilled octopus. The cocktails were delicious as well.

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    Must see the Edificio de Correos

    The Post Office building is directly opposite the Palace de Belles Artes and is equally as imposing. Take a look inside to be overwhelmed by the opulence and imagine the standing of Mexico City in those glory times!

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