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    Playa del Carmen

    1 Bed & breakfast in Playa del Carmen

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    It is a beautiful and magical place. I did the the Underground Cave river swim with a partial open sky view. It is about 1 mile, it pays to be in good physical shape.

    The walk through the jungle to the temple is lovely. You are able to climb to the top of the temple which is very steep, but so worth it.

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    Kava Kasa - The Root to Happiness

    Great atmosphere thanks to the interior and most of all manager Marco, he instantly makes you feel at home with his big, friendly smile and good vibes. He tells everything you want to know about Kava or the other healthy drinks. Also amazing coffee

    For food lovers this is a dream - an experience not to be missed. We had the 16 course tasting menu and opted for the wine flight to accompany our many dishes. The staff are so very well informed on each dish being served and each glass of wine which all adds to the experience.

    Excellent dishes, high quality ingredients, pleasant environment and great atmosphere. It pays to go hungry, the portions are very huge.

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    Check out Quinta Avenida

    Quinta Avenida is a place to visit if you want to hang out and shop around. It's very busy, a true taste of Mexico.

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