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    5 Bed & breakfasts in Kathmandu

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    Garden of Dreams

    It's a beautiful garden in the middle of the city that is peaceful and a great escape. There are cushions to sit on in the garden as well as a cafe that does good food.

    A beautiful place with a nice view of Kathmandu. A little far from the city, but worth it. You won't find taxis from there, so keep the taxi that you brought waiting. It would take about half an hour to roam around.

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    Black Olives Cafe and Bar

    This place has an extensive menu covering middle eastern, Mediterranean and Western cuisine. Portions are big, price reasonable, food is good. Good service from the waiters. I highly recommend it.

    A little hard to find in the back streets of Thamel, Kathmandu, but do not give up on finding it. It is a great place to have a good dinner. Really nice chilled out atmosphere, good food and brilliant music.

    I had the degustation menu. Everything was presented perfectly, tasted wonderful and was great value for money considering the very high level of cuisine on offer. Wonderful views and incredibly helpful and friendly staff.

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    Check out The Crematoria

    Watching people say goodbye to their dead and then burning them is just a bit macabre, but it is worth seeing. The religious beliefs, cremation rituals and colourful yogis make for an experience you won't forget.

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