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    North Head, Devonport

    Stunning views over the Hauraki Gulf towards Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island and the Coromandel in the distance. Great walks around the this distinct volcano perfect for a picnic and then a swim on Cheltenham Beach.

    Within easy walking distance of the ferry terminal from Downtown Auckland, Mount Victoria can be walked in 15 minutes bottom to top. Spectacular views over Auckland Waitemata Harbour from the top. Highly recommend. Good for kids and elderly. Prefect picnic spots at the top. Laura

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    Chateaubriant Cafe & Deli, Cheltenham, Devonport

    A genuine french cafe in the Cheltenham area of Devonport. Freshly baked croissants and the best pain au chocolat's out! Highly recommend pre-ordering a whole roast chicken and a couple of baguettes and head up North Head for a delicious picnic!

    Narrow Neck Cafe, Narrow Neck Beach, Devonport

    Simple & basic. Average cafe but great for ice-cream or a cold drink on a long walk round the Bays.

    To stop off after a walk for an iced coffee or cup of tea is lovely here. You can sit outside and get a stunning view of the harbour as well as let the kids play on a little play park out the front.

    Old fashioned Milk Bar with shakes and fruit juices, great for a refreshment and just round the corner from the beach.

    Whoopa! LOVE this place, so lively and atmospheric and highly recommend the Greek pizza!

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    Tip on the Wind in Devonport

    Devonport has so many beaches that depending on which way the wind is blowing you can reach a beach that will have relative shelter. For example if the wind is coming in a southerly direction head to Cheltenham and it will be quite calm.

    Great Park for the Kids

    Near the cafe Little and Friday in Belmont is a fantastic play park for kids with a brilliant flying fox. Turn right off Eversleigh Road after Little and Friday on to Rutherford Street. Walk on to reserve at bottom of street to find play park.

    Devonport Folk Music Club

    Meet every Monday in the Bunker in Mt Victoria. The bunker is a big underground cave on Mt Victoria. Brilliant music and great entertainment - highly recommend.

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    Free Fun on North Head

    Locals often take a flattened cardboard boxes to North Head or Mt Victoria and slide down the grassy hills on it. Good fun at the right price!

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