14 Bed & breakfasts in Warkworth

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    Horse Riding Warkworth

    Great horse trek over private land with stunning views of the countryside. Our horses were perfectly matched for the riders and their abilities. I really appreciated the fact we were able to gallop and canter. Not often the case with private treks. Staff were excellent and very helpful.

    This must be the most beautiful and untouched area in and around Auckland. As you drive down the road you enter a world of birds, nature, beach and beauty. Very busy in summer but on a fine winters day almost deserted. Would highly recommend a day trip

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    Ransom Wines Restaurant

    A well presented vineyard which you look over from the restaurant. They offer an extensive tasting session which is perfect with their huge platter for two. Look out for 'Grab One' deals, these guys are often offering these kind of specials.

    A surprise to find such a nice cafe and chocolate shop in a small town. The local, handmade chocolates are to die for and the coffee is the best in the area. Good breakfasts.

    This lovely little shop is just a short drive from Warkworth. Fantastic range of ice-cream, sorbet, and gelato flavours and all made on site. Well worth the trip and should be better known.

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    Matakana Market

    The Matakana market is held every Saturday. It is a local farmers market and thought to be the best in the entire Auckland region. Lots of local produce and a range of amazing food and drinks. A must.

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