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    Bay of Plenty

    89 Bed & breakfasts in Bay of Plenty

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    Kohi Point Lookout

    Well worth the drive off the main road and up a winding hill to the lookout which also has some lovely Maori carvings which were created by local carvers. Once there the views over the town and out to sea where both Whale and White Islands can be seen is wonderful.

    This is a user friendly walkway from the Whakatane bridge to the town centre, and then on the where the river meets the sea at The Heads. The wide concrete pathway is suitable for walkers cyclists or those pushing a pram. Its nice to view the river in its different moods as it is tidal.

    It was a great experience. They did everything to find dolphins and at the end we found them and they are really amazing creatures. It was an amazing day with a super crew and the best captain! You definitely have to experience it!

    A real hands-on company operating just on the main Maunganui beach. Friendly staff and good selection of boards with wet suits. Didn't hesitate to provide advice on best surf times and spots. They operate seasonally so booking is essential.

    Mike is an ex-commercial fisherman with professional training which makes all the difference. His gear and boat are of high quality and well maintained, clean and tidy, and certified. Fishing with Mike is the best way to get to know the area and have a lot of fun.

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    Floating Rock Cafe Restaurant

    I stumbled on this place by chance. The owner is a star and the staff are very friendly. Thin crispy based pizzas made right in front of you in their wood fired pizza oven. The cafe is situated in a small winery with tastings available.

    Easy to find. Nice eating places close to where I was staying and good not have to travel to Taupo. Not overly large and the atmosphere was relaxed. Good outside deck/eating area with lovely grounds.

    What a treat to find this place in Whakatane. The platter for two as an entree is amazing with a wee sample of all the available entrees. The service was really good and even the chef came out to see how the meals were.

    If you like really good sushi and are fed up with the same old rice rolls and fillings, then try Satori Lounge, its really low key, laid back and with many new and innovative dishes.

    Excellent service and great Thai food. Very friendly staff. Sometimes you have to wait for a table. Does takeaways as well.

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    Good place for skiing

    Although Turangi is known for fishing it's an ideal place to stay for a Ruapehu skiing holiday. It's only just over an hour to the mountain and you have more facilities than the mountain towns with Taupo on your doorstep.

    Huka Falls

    Huka Falls is a very impressive, powerful waterfall on the outskirts of Taupo. They are free to visit and well worth the short drive north.

    Geo thermal activity everywhere

    If you're looking for a way to see this amazing area and spend no money, you simply just need to explore the outskirts of Rotorua and look for steam coming out of the ground. It's possible to see geo thermal activity in many places, even without getting out of your car.

    Surf Beaches

    Tauranga has some of the best beaches in NZ. Head out to Mt Maunganui for some of the best surf in the country.

    Waterfront Playground

    If you are looking for somewhere for the kids to burn off energy, there is a great playground down by the lake. There are toilet facilities and a café.

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