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    29 Bed & breakfasts in Rotorua

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    This place has it all. The gondola ride with amazing views, takes you to the top of the luge track, which is simply mind blowing. I stayed on the luge all day. If it hadn't been closing I'd have stayed longer.

    We were picked up in a shuttle, from our motel. We had a great time. Really enjoyed learning about the culture of the Maori people and it was fun to participate in the dancing. as well. Included in the tour was a traditional hangi meal which was surprisingly tasty.

    If you are looking for geothermal activity this is a great place to visit. You need to get there before 10 a.m. if you want to see the geyser erupt along with an interesting talk from the guide. There are many tracks to follow to see the various attractions. The bubbling mud pool is a must see. There is a café and souvenir shop and good toilet facilities. The tracks are buggy (and probably wheelchair) friendly if you choose the appropriate path.

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    Capers Epicurean Restaurant

    I loved the food and the staff was great. Heaps to choose from like gourmet sandwiches and nice meals. Bakery had a delicious looking section and the coffee was nice too.

    I always search for artisan bakeries and I was delighted to find this gem in Rotorua. I had coffee and pastries. The pastries were incredible, they were so freshly and perfectly made. The coffee too was superb, nice and strong and hot.

    Great meal and good service. The food is a mix of authentic South American dishes, not just the normal Mexican food that you can get everywhere. It looks quite humble and is a little but away from the main street but definitely worth seeking out.

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    Geo thermal activity everywhere

    If you're looking for a way to see this amazing area and spend no money, you simply just need to explore the outskirts of Rotorua and look for steam coming out of the ground. It's possible to see geo thermal activity in many places, even without getting out of your car.

    Waterfront Playground

    If you are looking for somewhere for the kids to burn off energy, there is a great playground down by the lake. There are toilet facilities and a café.

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