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    13 Bed & breakfasts in Taupo

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    Aratiatia Rapids

    There are three vantage points for the rapids, either standing on the bridge or two lookouts a little way from the rapids. There is a real sense of excitement and build up to the drama with three sirens sounding before the dam opens. Where else will you see 90,000 litres of water per second gushing by.

    The geothermal area is strikingly different from Rotorua and is well worth a visit: lunar type landscape in an area off the beaten tracks. Nice experience with very little crowds. The drawback is the price. In spite of this, I would still recommend it.

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    Master of India Restaurant

    Loved the place. The decoration and the menu made me feel like if I was in India. The menu is quite large with many options. It's family run and owned and they are so friendly and helpful.

    Lovely welcome and a nice homely feel to the restaurant. Food was excellent, nice wine selection and well priced. I would highly recommend the brantry. One of the best meals I have had in Taupo.

    Nice decor and large selection of beer and wine. Staff are always attentive and a great atmosphere. The food is what really stands out. I'm obsessed with the calamari and gnocchi, but all dishes so far have been faultless.

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    Huka Falls

    Huka Falls is a very impressive, powerful waterfall on the outskirts of Taupo. They are free to visit and well worth the short drive north.

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