14 Bed & breakfasts in Tauranga

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    Great falls and good walk. You can walk from the upper falls through the cascades to the lower falls. There is a lovely spot to swim at the lower falls. The track is a bit slippery so you need good shoes.

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    Brooklyn Patio & Eatery Restaurant

    A trendy upstairs restaurant right on the waterfront. It does traditional wood-fired pizzas and a range of seafood dishes. Friendly staff and a good wine list.

    A busy busy cafe known for good coffee and food. Situated in downtown Tauranga it's a favourite with the office workers as well as tourists. There is heaps of tables outside on the footpath to enjoy the buzzy atmosphere. Well worth a visit.

    Excellent Indian cuisine, well cooked and well presented. It is not a large restaurant allowing for more personal attention and good service. If you looking for an affordable evening out and enjoy Indian cuisine this is right for you.

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    Surf Beaches

    Tauranga has some of the best beaches in NZ. Head out to Mt Maunganui for some of the best surf in the country.

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