10 Bed & breakfasts in Akaroa

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    The Giants House

    So much work has been put into creating this artistic garden, it is truly apiece of art. I will have to visit again when the house is open, as it was closed due to earthquake damage.

    It was an amazing experience. Ben was a great guide and kayaking teacher - very knowledgeable and passionate about the area and the wildlife. The cup of tea and homemade buns after were just perfect.

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    Hilltop Tavern Restaurant

    This place has an amazing view it is such a great spot for any meal and the food was really tasty, I got the fish burger and it was so delicious. The service was great and friendly, the food all came out very fast.

    A lovely welcome followed by amazing food served by friendly and attentive staff. Lovely, retro surroundings. Green lipped mussels, 2 mains, one salmon and one lamb presented in a unique way. Great value!

    An intimate dining experience with great food and service. Nothing bad about the little bistro. I would recommend you try this out if you are wondering where to eat out in Akaroa

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    French & small

    Akaroa was originally settled by the French as a whaling station in the 1800's. It has a population of just over 500.