25 Bed & breakfasts in Christchurch

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    A bit of NZ history, all for free. You will be amazed by the size of the planes. Really good experience. You can spend $5 to do a cool flight experience, bombing ships. I really recommend this place.

    A wonderful trip, through stunning scenery. Grasslands merge into Mountains, but first you must pass through a series of spectacular gorges. A great way to get a different and relaxed view of this wonderful part of the country.

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    Costas Taverna Greek Restaurant and Ouzo Bar

    I love this place. Not only is the food awesome the staff are amazing, always smiling and helpful. Always busy - so make sure you book in advance especially for Friday Saturday nights

    Great value for money and fantastic flavour. $30 for a meal easily big enough for 2 people. I will definitely be going back. The scallop potatoes are delectable. Well worth the trip to Merivale.

    From the moment I entered I was treated to excellent service and very polite friendly staff. The owner brought out the menus and explained the cuisine and specials. The food was flavoursome and fresh. A real treat.

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    2011 Earthquake

    In 2011 Christchurch suffered 2 large earthquakes. The centre of the city is still showing signs of the rebuild.