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    12 Bed & breakfasts in Kaikoura

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    Kaikoura Marine Aquarium

    Open 10am till 4pm it's a great place to visit with kids. Excellent touching pool and tanks, plus good deep sea room but a bit basic overall in amenities and setup.

    This is not just your average info centre. The staff go above and beyond the call of duty and they will book tours and provide discounts better than any brochure. Worth dropping in.

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    Green Dolphin Restaurant & Bar

    A cool place on the pier with large windows looking out to sea. Very friendly staff serving excellent food. The seafood, as expected, is amazing.

    Great place to have a glass of wine in a super setting overlooking a small golf course and farmland out to the peninsula. Food very good but a long wait for the meal as it was busy.

    The place to go for a quality meal without the high price. A mix of Asian dishes (Indonesian) and kiwi food. The prawn satay comes with 12 healthy prawns and extra sauce... Makes a change to order a prawn dish and be able to find them! Very cheerful service.

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    Sperm Whales

    The waters of Kaikoura are the ideal temperature and depth for sperm, and sometimes, other, whales. You can often see them from the shore or you can take quite a pricey boat ride.