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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Timaru

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    South Canterbury Museum

    Well worth a visit with informative displays especially about local history. Conveniently located within walking distance of Timaru's main business district and shopping centre. I loved the large stuffed albatross at the entrance.

    Te Ana Rock Art is a very high quality museum/heritage experience. The tour of the museum, with the guide answering our questions, was just wonderful. The price of the visit to the cave site was well worth it.

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    The Oxford Restaurant

    Good vibe, great whitebait, enjoyed chomping my pork belly, good service and advice from our waitress. The orange cake for desert was to die for.

    Nice wee cafe. Good coffee, child friendly and pleasant staff. They are known for their soft shell tacos. The pork taco was amazing.

    Great friendly atmosphere, with indoor or outdoor dining. Friendly and efficient service. Excellent options for variety of dietary requirements. Prices affordable.

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    Caroline Bay

    This is a lovely safe swimming beach. There is a really good playground, toilets, and if you head down there at dusk you see the penguins coming out.

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