8 Bed & breakfasts in Whitianga

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    Glass Bottom Boat

    We went on a 2 hour Eco tour exploring the volcanic coastline and Cathedral Cove. You can see the marine life up close through the glass bottom and dive in and snorkel in the marine reserve. Equipment supplied at no extra charge.

    These guys take you on an amazing tour of this coastline. You get taken to Shakespeare's Cliff, Lonely Bay, Cooks Blowhole, Cathedral Cove & The Hole in the Rock. Well worth it!

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    Bay Brewery Bistro

    Like your favourite British 'local' had been transported into a chilled-out Kiwi beach cafe! The cuisine could be described as classic 'pub grub' (fish & chips, pie & mash, curry etc.), but fresh and tasty and beautifully prepared and presented. Obviously most visitors here will want to sample a pint or two of their fantastic brews as well, and they won't be disappointed (proper sized pints for a start! - a rarity in NZ). But for those not inclined to beery delights, Bay Brewery also make their own range of delicious soft drinks and offer a small but impeccably chosen selection of wines and spirits.

    A small, intimate family-run restaurant in a quiet suburban area, complete with a quaint cottage garden. Motu Kitchen prides itself on using fresh/local/organic/free-range/sustainable ingredients as much as possible - including their beer & wine list, but the menu is still replete with such luxury dishes as crayfish, Wagyu beef, oysters, Champagne etc. For a true 'foodie' experience you'll never forget, try splashing out on their seven course tasting menu!

    Absolutely amazingly delicious Asian/Kiwi fusion cuisine. However, while clean and pleasant there isn't much atmosphere if you're dining in, and it isn't licensed or BYO. But all meals are available as takeaways, so why wouldn't you simply enjoy it down on the waterfront, a minutes stroll away? (Be warned though that there is a ban on public drinking in Whitianga at the busiest times of year).

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    Ferry to Cooks Beach

    There is a ferry to Cooks beach. The ferry runs between the Whitianga wharf on the Esplanade and Ferry Landing. It's the best way to explore the other side of the harbour without driving.

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