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    These tours are well known locally and abroad alike. Mike the original guide has just retired and Nick has taken over. He is just as knowledgeable about wine and the area. Best way to see the bay.

    This little info centre/gift shop is a real treat. It's a great place to find out about the history of the town especially prior to the quake. The staff dress in the clothing from this period, which is a nice touch.

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    Westshore Beach Inn Bistro Restaurant

    This is a comfortable and well known 'local' style pub. Great craft beers and big, tasty but reasonably priced meals. An easy one to recommend.

    Nice restaurant on the sea front in an old victorian villa. The food is really quite good and the staff very attentive. It has a good reputation amongst the locals.

    It's hard to find Indonesian food in NZ so it is a welcomed experience when in the Bay. It is a cosy place where you are made to feel welcomed. There is a sampling style meal which was made up of a wide selection of unusual but tasty dishes and the accompaniments- especially the satay sauces are really good. Excellent prices with a nice local wine selection (also good value) makes this a great choice even for those travellers on a budget.

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    1931 earthquake

    In 1931 Napier experienced a devastating earthquake. The entire town was rebuilt in the art deco style of the time. It is now the art deco capital of the Pacific.