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    8 Bed & breakfasts in Blenheim

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    Omaka Classic cars

    A wonderful display of original cars from the 60s through to the 80s. All original from locally assembled british and australian companies. $10 a head to get in, well wort it.

    A great way to see a different side to Blenheim. The Opawa river is a safe and beautiful river to explore. Will the guide is very friendly and knowledgeable on the area. Well worth searching out.

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    Giesen Cellar Door Restaurant

    Great sotting on their outside terrace. The vintage platter is a must. With ample samples, you are treated to a range of different flavors. Be sure to do their free wine tasting.

    I was surprised to find a Brazilian restaurant in Blenheim. Great food, the venison in chocolate sauce was just stunning. The service was slick and the atmosphere very comfortable and relaxed.

    Nice restaurant set amongst the vines. Sitting outside in the sun looking over the grounds is great. Amazing food and unbeatable service. It's very busy so booking is advised.

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    Pelorous Sounds

    Pelorous Sounds is only half an hour from Blenheim. Ot is one of New Zealand's hidden treasures. You can take a cruise or rent a boat from the marina at Havelock.

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