12 Bed & breakfasts in Picton

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    Queen Charlotte Track

    This is a beautiful part of the world. It's a 3 day walk with incredible sea views for a good part of it. The accommodation along the way is surprisingly good. The track is very well maintained.

    The museum is clean and well organised. Staff and friendly and helpful. The old ship which the museum id dedicated to is on a dry dock so you are able to see most of it and how impressive it was.

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    Le Cafe Restaurant

    Right on the water front. I was told it's the best place in town. Run by a Swiss chef with a range of influences - Asia noodle soup, delicious salads, interesting grains, home-made sorbet. Bit pricey but worth it!

    A busy place with a good view of Picton Harbour. Good seafood which is to be expected in a seaside town and traditional thin pizzas. The staff were great and stayed relaxed even though it was obvious they were swamped with the Saturday crowd.

    Great irish pub with good pizza. The real mccoy not some tacky theme pub. The staff are very friendly and there is a nice beer garden.

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    Inter-island Ferry

    Picton is the port from where the ferry to Wellington in the North Island leaves from. The ferry takes all sorts of vehicles as well as passengers. It's a pleasant, scenic way to get from island to island.