8 Bed & breakfasts in Motueka

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    The Sea Kayak Company

    These guys know what they are doing. Super friendly, professional and good gear. They offer a range of trips from half a day to several days. You can explore the entire Abel Tasman Park from the sea. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

    This is a fun packed day out. The trip takes you canyoning down the Torrent River. It covers the whole excitement spectrum from the water taxi trip out to the jumps, zip lines, abseils and slides. The team are very friendly and professional.

    Places To Eat

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    Sprig & Fern Motueka Restaurant

    A boutique pub with a nice garden bar out the back which gets good sun. They serve their own craft beer with a simple but tasty menu selection. The platter for two is a great deal and goes well with the beer. A bit expensive but that is a reflection of the quality.

    Super cool cafe set amongst lovely gardens. Children's playground, lovely food and friendly service. There is also a wee gallery attached.

    This is a great cafe and also farm shop with local produce. The food is faultless both from the cabinet and from the menu. There is a large outdoor area with a playground for kids.

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    Abel Tasman National Park

    Just out of Motueka in Marahau is the entrance to the Abel Tasman National park. This is an amazing park with a track that takes you to Golden Bay, over a 5 day walk. Heaps of cabins and camping sites along the way. Book at the local DOC office.

    Facts about Motueka

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    Growing Area

    Picking apples for a season in Motueka was brilliant fun. The area is a big growing area of pip fruits like apples and kiwis as well as hops and green tea.