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    11 Bed & breakfasts in Whangarei

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    Whangarei Falls

    Whangarei Falls are just out of Whangarei on the way to the coast. They are nearly 30m high and have a good flow all year round. There are heaps of easy walking tracks surrounding the falls and a number of picnic areas. A must see in this area.

    Over the past twenty years Whangarei hes been slowly enhancing the marina and harbour area, The Town Basin. There are a number of great play parks for kids, restaurants and boutique shops. It's a good place for a stroll or explore without touching your budget.

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    Caffeine Espresso Cafe

    Caffeine Cafe is a lovely little cafe with amazing coffee and food. It's very busy and almost impossible to get a table at lunchtime or at breakfast time during the weekend so it's worth getting there early. By far the best takeaway coffee in Whangarei. It's located just 1 minutes walk from the central mall.

    Topsail is a boutique restaurant on the outskirts of Whangarei. It has a small menu but all the food is perfect, cooked by a well known chef. The wine list compliments the food nicely and the friendly staff are very knowledgeable and able to assist with a match. Always nice to dine by the water.

    Killer prawn is right in the middle of Whangarei. It is one of the more buzzy places in town and does good food. It's known for it's seafood and pizzas. It has an extensive bar and gets really busy over the weekends.

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    Last city of the North

    Whangarei is the last city when you're heading North with all amenities and a range of shopping. The towns further up the island offer all services but the range is limited.

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