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    Body Sanctum Day Spa

    The perfect way to unwind after a skiing holiday. Talented, charming therapists and a calm and soothing decor.

    Otago Museum is a great place to visit. It has he usual interesting Museum stuff, as well as a Tropical Butterfly House and Discovery World. You can be there for the daily release of new butterflies, which is not as dramatic as it might sound but is quite interesting and fun. The Butterfly House itself is quite lovely, and very warm! Discovery world is full of great interactive science displays, and the occasional demonstration. On the day we were there they demonstrated the difference between the explosiveness of Helium and Hydrogen. Very exciting! The fibreglass crocodile is a big hit too. There is a café downstairs. They standardly serve single shot coffees which can catch you out! There is a play area beside the café which is pretty handy. The gift shop is full of lovely things. My favourite is the Animal Attic.

    This is a very exciting attraction in Wanaka. You can do the Nige stream, which requires no fitness or experience, or for an extra $60 you can do The Big Nige. Well worth the extra bucks. One of the best experiences this country has to offer.

    What an incredible experience. You can pay a bit extra and have the 'you fly' experience or just be flown around the amazing scenery and land on a snowy mountain top. Not a cheap day out but worth it.

    This is sited at the base of the Gondola, and so you can easily visit both. There is a connection between the them, so if you get a double tickets for both the gondola and the Kiwi Park, its about $5 cheaper, however the gondola people won't sell tickets to the kiwi park, so the double tickets must be purchased from the kiwi park.

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    The Good Earth Cafe

    Conveniently located in a charming historic building away from the main part of town, but right across from Otago University and close to the museum and botanical gardens. The Good Earth Cafe serve well presented, innovative and tasty food, and as their name implies, there is an emphasis on wholesome and organic, with plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Their coffee is also locally roasted and fair trade.

    Delicious Japanese food in cosy surroundings. Very handy to the centre of town (the Octagon) and all the bars, theatres and movie complexes. If you are a rugby fan you might also spot some of your favourite local players eating there.

    The view from this place is amazing, it's located above the town. The food and service were flawless, but very pricey.

    Knowledgable owners who clearly enjoy and care about what they do, selling fine wine and craft beer to discerning customers. Small area for seating but a nice friendly atmosphere. If you are after cheaper mass produced beer or wines this might not be the place for you.

    A really good italian restaurant. The atmosphere, staff and food are amazing. It's one of the busiest places in Wanaka so booking is essential.

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    Take a rental and drive along the side of Lake Wakatipu for 50 minutes to Glenorchy. Here is where you will see some of the areas best scenery. You can drive beyond the town into the national park. Or you can take a jet boat ride up into Southern Alps. What every you do you will need more than half a day to absorb this wonderful area, otherwise known as Paradise.

    Facts about Otago

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    First sheepdog trials

    The first sheepdog trials in the world were held in Wanaka in 1870.

    A town for tourists

    Queenstown is internationally recognised as a top tourism destination and around 2 million tourists a year come here. Although it is a year-round destination, visitor numbers peak during the ski season (approx. June-Nov), when tourists can outnumber locals three to one!

    A Student Town

    Dunedin is home to New Zealand's oldest university - Otago, and tertiary education is the cities largest industry. So students (locally referred to as 'scarfies') make up a large part of the population, with over 20% of Dunedin aged between 15 and 24.