18 Bed & breakfasts in Wanaka

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    Deep Canyon

    This is a very exciting attraction in Wanaka. You can do the Nige stream, which requires no fitness or experience, or for an extra $60 you can do The Big Nige. Well worth the extra bucks. One of the best experiences this country has to offer.

    What an incredible experience. You can pay a bit extra and have the 'you fly' experience or just be flown around the amazing scenery and land on a snowy mountain top. Not a cheap day out but worth it.

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    Bistro Gentil Restaurant

    The view from this place is amazing, it's located above the town. The food and service were flawless, but very pricey.

    Knowledgable owners who clearly enjoy and care about what they do, selling fine wine and craft beer to discerning customers. Small area for seating but a nice friendly atmosphere. If you are after cheaper mass produced beer or wines this might not be the place for you.

    A really good italian restaurant. The atmosphere, staff and food are amazing. It's one of the busiest places in Wanaka so booking is essential.

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    First sheepdog trials

    The first sheepdog trials in the world were held in Wanaka in 1870.