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    8 Bed & breakfasts in Invercargill

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    Southland Museum and Art Gallery

    Nice little museum with a live reptile section and a wee coffee shop with good cakes attached. A pleasant way to spend a couple of hours in Invercargill.

    A great way to see or get to Stewart Island. Very small planes which add to the adventure and they provide a shuttle service from wherever you are staying. Very professional and friendly staff.

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    Emberz Restaurant

    This is one of three dining options in the Ascot Park Hotel. I was impressed by the service and quality of food and wine. It is not cheap but a little luxury from time to time is nice.

    Considering Bombay Palace is on a back street it does an amazing job with a pleasant setting. On approach you think that it is a house but once inside, it is quite large. Very good wait staff and service. The main restaurant has two big TV's playing Indian music videos which is a nice touch.

    Hands down best restaurant in town. Excellent staff, helpful and friendly. The restaurant has a great feel, unique and lively decor. Great to see a superb Wine/Beverage list, even embracing a selection of local craft beers.

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    Seafood heaven

    It's only a hop skip n jump down to Bluff on the south coast. This is the home of New Zealand's best oysters and other seafood. If you love seafood this is heaven on earth.

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