Te Anau

    11 Bed & breakfasts in Te Anau

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    Hollyford Track

    A three day walk through some of the best scenery in the world. There is wildlife such as penguins and seals and good accommodation for each night. There are guides available, ask at the DOC office.

    This overnight boat ride through Real Journeys is absolutely wonderful. Great crew, delicious 5 star buffet dinner & breakfast bar on board. Nice ship, very clean & well maintained. Included in the price is kayaking with a guide in the sound.

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    Sandfly Cafe Restaurant

    This cafe is down a side street and well worth hunting out. Good food and coffee and a great view of the mountains. The staff were very friendly and awesome smoothies.

    A well known local style restaurant which specialises in sophisticated wild game dishes. The food is to die for and the service stunning. A must when you're in Te Anau.

    A funky wee red caravan/food truck located behind the library serving fresh french crepes and good coffee. The service is friendly and the experience is just unbeatable. Unfortunately not there all year round.

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    Milford Sounds

    From Te Anau you can drive over the hill to Milford Sounds. It's once in a lifetime journey. Through a rocky tunnel, past hundreds of waterfalls and then arriving at the sounds. It's a crime to visit this area and not do this drive.

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