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    New Plymouth

    13 Bed & breakfasts in New Plymouth

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    A lovely park, and well kept. Ponds, fountains and good walks. There is a good wee cafe which also rents out mobility scooters to get around.

    Looking for a fast fun day out then check out the local go-cart joint - Maki Nitro! Located just out of town this place is great with a couple of friends or with a large group. You can just race each other or have teams with real-time lap times to see who really is the fastest!

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    Funk Fish Grill Restaurant

    To find a fantastic little place in a small township doesn't happen too often. The service was that of fine dining found in a big city. The food when it arrived smelt as good as it looked and tasted even better.

    If you like Southern Indian food you won't be disappointed!
    Great food, fast, friendly service and the staff are happy to recommend a dish if you're not familiar with something on the menu.

    Great place to get a feed in the center of town with amazing views out to the wind wand and foreshore. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner including some really amazing pizza dishes! Once you've finished your meal you can take a tour around the Puke Araki museum in which Arborio is located.

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    4 seasons in 1 day

    New Plymouth is a great place to visit and live. Each season brings the best part of it with hot (not too hot!) summers and cold winters. However, if you're visiting during autumn or spring then you best pack for any season. With Mt Egmont being a stone's throw away it really messes up the weather - it's often said that you can bike in a complete circle and you'll get a head wind the entire way! So dress warm but bring your shorts and jandles just in case.

    Facts about New Plymouth

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    Festival of Lights

    Each year, Pukekura Park is transformed into a wonderland of light displays, musical festivities, and more! It's a highlight of the year for residents of New Plymouth and visitors alike. The festival typically runs from mid-December to late January. If you're in town, do not miss a magical night at the park!