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    5 Bed & breakfasts in Waikanae

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    Nga Manu Nature Reserve

    It's a bit hidden away in Waikanae but is definitely worth seeking out if you're on the Kapiti Coast. It is a shame it isn't more well-known as it is an excellent place to see NZ native birds like keas and kakas up close, plus they have kiwis and tuataras. It is nicely laid out with grassy areas and seats.

    This museum in the old post office. Lots of radios, clocks and memorabilia of NZ's social history. Old gramophones, toys, clocks etc. It's only open in the weekends till 3pm.

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    Olde Beach Bakery Restaurant

    Fantastic little bakery near the beach. Open till 3pm but a lot of the good stuff is gone just after lunch so try and get there early. Truely amazing pastries.

    I enjoyed this place. The service was a bit slow as they were busy but the tapas were very good. Friendly informative staff and a nice atmosphere.

    A really nice restaurant right on the beach. There is an upstairs with large windows looking out to sea. Good food and service with a large outside seating area.

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    Peka Peka Beach

    Just north of Waikanae is Peka Peka beach. A wild west coast beach which stretches for miles. Can get good surf and there is ample driftwood for making fires and shelters. A true taste of New Zealand.

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