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    This well maintained walk around the pancake rocks and blow holes is just incredible. There are lots of lookout points to see this mind blowing piece of nature. I was amazed that there is no cost.

    This is definitely the place to go is you are looking for a unique and beautiful piece of jade/greenstone. Garth is a great guy and spent time with me telling me all about the history of his family, the significance of greenstone, the meanings behind each piece and history in general.

    This trek took us along a beach, across a river, through a farm and into some wonderful rainforest. It was a good value trip with all these different types of scenery. The staff were very helpful, calm and knew their horses well. They also catered for a range of riding skills in our group letting the more advanced canter ahead.

    This is a regional museum in an impressive building. For a small admission fee the displays were interesting and well presented. You don't need to allow long to look through but it is worth seeing.

    The gorge is just incredible. Deep blue water, a swingbridge and an easy walking track. I suggest taking insect repellent as the sand flies are out of control.

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    Jacob's Grill Restaurant

    This restaurant is attached to an eco resort right on the beach. The windows are huge so the view is very much a part of the experience. The food was really good as was the service. A nice contrast to the pub which is the other evening dining option.

    Located down a side street this fine dining restaurant is worth finding while in Hokitaka. 5 star food with quite a good wine list. The staff could take a few pointers in friendliness though.

    Had dinner on recommendation of a friend. Food really good, quick service nice surroundings. Happy to find such a fun unique place in a small town. Would be a regular if lived there. Highly recommend.

    A top notch restaurant which I was surprised to find in Westport. A very high quality of food with a lot of thought having gone into the taste combinations. A large selection of local beers and wines. Highly recommended.

    Its a 10 min drive out of Westport on a beautiful, wild West Coast beach. Amazing view and a nice terrace. A great place to enjoy a superb dinner and wine whilst relaxing watching the sea. Excellent meal and service from friendly staff

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    Heaphy Track

    If you head north from Westport you follow the amazing West Coast up past Granity to Karamea. This is a beautiful yet wild part of the country where you find the entrance to the Heaphy Track. This is a five day walk taking you to Golden Bay.

    Facts about West Coast

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    Pancake Rocks

    The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides.

    Once New Zealand's busiest port

    In the mid 1800s during the gold rush, Hokitika was New Zealand's busiest port and one of the country's largest towns. Hard to believe now as the West Coast is one of the most remote places you can visit.

    Tragic mine explosion

    On 19 November 2010, there was an explosion at the Pike River Mine, trapping 29 and killing 29 miners. Their bodies were never found.

    Most visited glacier

    Fox Glacier is an easily accessible 13 km long glacier. It is one of the most visited glaciers in the world with around 1000 visitors a day.