11 Bed & breakfasts in Greymouth

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    Garth Wilson Jade

    This is definitely the place to go is you are looking for a unique and beautiful piece of jade/greenstone. Garth is a great guy and spent time with me telling me all about the history of his family, the significance of greenstone, the meanings behind each piece and history in general.

    A cool, muddy quad adventure. The bikes are in good condition and they supply wet weather gear, which is recommended as it get quite messy. There is a 2 hour Bog n Bush option, good value for money.

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    Buccleugh's on High Restaurant

    Buccleugh's was a bit hard to find in the dark. The restaurant was comfortable and the staff efficient and friendly. The menu was not overly extensive, but what was on offer was quite tasty.

    A great place to have a meal. Lovely and warm and the staff are friendly. Good children's menu and kids pack. It's always nice when the kids are entertained. Food was lovely.

    Nice little indian place on the main street. Very handy to town. I had a couple of meals here and its very good, they do takeaways as well as dine in.

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    Tragic mine explosion

    On 19 November 2010, there was an explosion at the Pike River Mine, trapping 29 and killing 29 miners. Their bodies were never found.