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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Hokitika

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    Hokitika Museum

    This is a regional museum in an impressive building. For a small admission fee the displays were interesting and well presented. You don't need to allow long to look through but it is worth seeing.

    The gorge is just incredible. Deep blue water, a swingbridge and an easy walking track. I suggest taking insect repellent as the sand flies are out of control.

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    Cafe de Paris Restaurant

    Located down a side street this fine dining restaurant is worth finding while in Hokitaka. 5 star food with quite a good wine list. The staff could take a few pointers in friendliness though.

    Popular place with modern décor and good food. Huge portions, always a bonus. Really popular with tourists and locals. Worth eating here

    Best breakfast in town. Nice decor and friendly service. The eggs benedict was one of the best I've had in a long time.

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    Once New Zealand's busiest port

    In the mid 1800s during the gold rush, Hokitika was New Zealand's busiest port and one of the country's largest towns. Hard to believe now as the West Coast is one of the most remote places you can visit.