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    This well maintained walk around the pancake rocks and blow holes is just incredible. There are lots of lookout points to see this mind blowing piece of nature. I was amazed that there is no cost.

    This trek took us along a beach, across a river, through a farm and into some wonderful rainforest. It was a good value trip with all these different types of scenery. The staff were very helpful, calm and knew their horses well. They also catered for a range of riding skills in our group letting the more advanced canter ahead.

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    Jacob's Grill Restaurant

    This restaurant is attached to an eco resort right on the beach. The windows are huge so the view is very much a part of the experience. The food was really good as was the service. A nice contrast to the pub which is the other evening dining option.

    A nice pub with typical hearty pub food. A great wee beer garden with a pond. The place is all timber decor with a large fire so feels very cosy on a rainy day, which is often in this neck of the woods.

    Located next to the info centre so it's very handy after visiting the blowholes. Really good pancakes and fish n chips. The food is simple but good, maybe a bit expensive, however I never mind paying a bit more for quality in remote locations.

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    Pancake Rocks

    The Pancake Rocks are a heavily eroded limestone area where the sea bursts through several vertical blowholes during high tides.