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    1 Bed & breakfast in Leon

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    Museo de Arte Fundacion Ortiz-Gurdian

    A beautiful art museum in Leon. The largely Latin American art is exhibited in four houses, three of them adjacent on one side of the street and the other across the street. It's very quiet and amazing value at around $1 entry fee.

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    The ambiance is fabulous, set in the oldest building in the city. Beautiful vegetarian food and friendly service. It's a bit off the beaten track but worth finding.

    Amazing service, excellent food and relaxed atmosphere. The varied menu presents the best of Nicaragua fused with international favorites and french influence. Lovely decor and courtyard.

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    Get up to Telica Volcano

    You drive most of the way up to the summit on a very rough road. The last part is about 40 minutes on foot and is a moderately easy climb. The lava is 200m down and you can actually get glimpses of it.

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