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    6 Bed & breakfasts in Loulé

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    Monte Da Ribeira

    This is an incredible horse riding school and stables. The staff are super friendly and competent and the animals are beautifully looked after. They offer treks as short as 30 minutes or you can stay there for several days.

    This is a great market with mainly food but a few other things as well such as belts and clothes. The smell is wonderful and it is great to just come and have a wander around. We came away with a bottle of beautiful wine and a loaf of delicious homemade bread!

    I went on the 6 hour tour and really enjoyed it. Definatley worth the money. The staff are friendly and everything is explained in great detail, they do not rush you around like most attractions do.

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    Birds Nest Restaurant

    A beautiful wee restaurant with incredible Mediterranean food. The friendly lady who owns it makes you feel like you're at home. It's very busy with only about ten tables so you must book.

    An amazing place in the heart of town. Known for its vegetarian dishes. It's worth getting there early or you will have to queue.

    A fabulous authentic greek restaurant. The ambience is amazing and there is no menu, the owner simply brings out three courses of beautiful food.

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    Explore Trilho da Fonte Benemola

    This lovely reserve is about 10km from Loule. t's a lovely walk surrounded by carob trees, oaks and so much more. The sound coming from the falls can be heard a ways off before finding it.

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