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    1 Bed & breakfast in Porto

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    World of Discoveries - Museu Interativo & Parque Tematico

    This is a really cool, new age, interactive museum with heaps of exhibitions and displays showing Portugal's history. Very new and worth a visit.

    Places To Eat

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    Wine Quay Bar

    It's the perfect spot on the Douro riverside to taste the best portuguese wines and typical deli food. Great staff.

    What a great place. You wait downstairs with a drink then go upstairs to eat, with a view of the river. Good food and even better service.

    Tables immaculately laid with a welcoming selection of starters. Presents itself as a high quality Portuguese home entertaining guests for dinner. Just perfect

    Traveller Tips

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    Porto Airport

    The airport is north of the city and takes 20 minutes from the centro (with no traffic).

    City Centro

    The centre is a large sqaure surround by old and very grand buildings. It is truely beautiful.

    Explore the River Douro

    The Douro river valley is very scenic, wether you take one of the tours or just do one of the many walks.

    Facts about Porto

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    Friendly and Relaxed

    Porto is friendly and relaxed and the building are beautiful and old. It has a beautifully relaxed vibe.