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    10 Bed & breakfasts in Bucharest

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    The old town of Bucharest. It is vibrant and pretty with a lot of eateries and bars. Worth visiting!

    A large park in the northern side of Bucharest. Something for everyone here and is a lovely walk around. The lake in the middle is used for fishing, water sports and sailing.

    Bucharest's National Museum of Natural History is great for kids as well as adults. There are lots of interactive buttons to press. Perfect on a rainy day. A Camera is a must!

    Get locked in a room and try to get out within 60 minutes! Fun and an hour goes by far quicker than you'd think! Solve puzzles and clues to get out. A must while in Bucharest!

    A Tour of Romania's art. Guide spoke good English. A well organised tour with really interesting artists and their stories.

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    Camera din Fata

    If you are looking for a cool place, with good music and delightful food, this place is for you. The staff are really special and warm here, and it's quite small so cosy, but you must book.

    Very inventive menu. Food was well presented and tasty with additional tasters between courses. Professional staff. Small restaurant so do book in advance.

    The most friendly staff, beautiful wine and great atmosphere. I was going to leave for dinner but then had the amazing cheese, olives, bread sticks.

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    Must explore Herastrau Park

    This is the biggest park in Bucharest and it's near The Village Museum. Miles of walking paths and you can rent bikes for free.

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