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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Colombo

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    The Central Point - Economic History Museum

    The Central Bank has done a very good job in restoring this beautiful, old colonial building with marble floors and pillars and a huge chandelier. The displays give you an insight into the economical history of Sri Lanka.

    A beautiful church by the sea. Although built as a place of christian worship it is used by all faiths in Sri Lanka. You can visit anytime but be aware that Tuesday is the holy day.

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    Hansa Ceylon Coffee

    Very chilled and relaxing cafe in Colombo. Friendly staff. Great hot chocolate and real coffee. Got a little lost trying to find the place but definitely worth looking out for.

    The atmosphere was lovely, the staff were great and the food was simply beautiful. It was lovely to see all the fish laid out on ice, knowing that it was as fresh as could be and then you get to choose your own.

    The food is superb, the service is friendly. Great value for your money. The breakfast here is amazing specially the the waffles.

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    Visit the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple

    Although a bit hard to find this temple is well worth a visit. The temple is absolutely loaded with artefacts and offerings from people over many years. They've put everything on display there including gold and silver jewellery, wrist watches and coins.

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