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    Saas Fee

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    I did a group night hike of the frozen Gorge between Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund. It was better than I expected. The frozen waterfalls alone were worth the hike, but the zip line rides and swings over the gorge were the highlight.

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    The coffee and hot chocolate are the best in town. There's a large sun terrace with 360 degree views onto the mountain.

    Had a very good meal in here. Service was very good, nice salad bar, really good pizza, all washed down with a nice house red.

    The atmosphere is very nice, the service friendly and the food amazing. It's very busy so expect a wee while to served, but well worth the wait.

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    Check out Saaser Museum

    This wee museum is spread over four floors of an old historic building. From photos of days gone by on the ground floor, to a collection of religious artefacts in the attic, it gives you the history and background information on Saas Fee.

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