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    2 Bed & breakfasts in Zanzibar

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    A fascinating piece of History. Amazing work is being done in updating the old palace. It's nice to know that the entry fee is contributing to the improvement of this historical gem.

    Cheeta's rock is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. There aren't many places on earth where you can get close up with wild animals that aren't de-clawed and sedated. Cheeta's rock is one of them. It's obvious that the staff really care for these animals.

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    I had a nice meal at this roof terrace restaurant. Simple and good food with great service. Looking out over the rooftops of town with the cool breeze, perfect.

    It has a great view, and the service is very good. Very relaxed atmosphere. It serves an excellent five course dinner every night, except Mondays, at 6.30 PM. Limited seats, so booking is essential.

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    Get out to Nakupenda Beach

    Stunning beaches, turquoise sea and colored starfishes. You can take a private boat instead of an organized tour and pack your own picnic basket.

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