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    Chiang Mai

    1 Bed & breakfast in Chiang Mai

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    Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai 3D Art Museum

    A modern perspective on art that is for all ages. Bring a camera, and involve yourselves in the 3D illusions. A very enjoyable yet cheap afternoons entertainment.

    This place really is a hidden gem. Fantastic building and the artwork is so inspiring. To make the experience even better Wattana shows you around the gallery and discusses all of his techniques and inspiration.

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    La Fourchette

    Great French restaurant. The meat was beautiful & cooked to perfection. Our French onion soup for entree was very good & desert was delicious. Excellent food and very reasonably priced.

    This is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai’s old city. Large portions of delicious and healthy food for all tastes. Thai food is their specialty, but they have some western options as well. It's a small place with only around 4 tables so booking is advised.

    Excellent coffee in a great location. Good looking shop with everything you need if you love coffee. Get there early as it gets packed out and only has limited seating.

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    Explore Doi Inthanon

    A beautiful National Park with lots of waterfalls and nature trails. It's about a 2 hour drive from Chiang Mai, well worth the trip.

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